Sat, November 18, 2017
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Which insurance companies are cooperating with the hospital?
To see the list of cooperating insurance companies please click here.
 How does a referral submit his referral note to the hospital?
By submitting  the duplicate copy of the admission  note and the insurance company’s referral note to the hospital before the time of discharge (the insurer’s  referral note is bestowed upon the patient by the insurer upon obtaining a copy of the  health insurance card from the insured.)
How do the insurance companies pay out for the cost of the patient?
By referring to the head offices of the  insurer one can get informed about the level of coverage  and the franchise of the insurer.
How do the patients get insured before the admission and the operation?
By referring to the offices of the medical services insurance  organization (the insurance expert room located on the first floor of the hospital or the head office of the Medical Services Insurance Organization situated in the Vesal street).
How can I get information  about the place of residence of a patient in the hospital?
You can ask about that by referring to the reception on the Hospital’s ground floor and the respectful ward.
How to obtain information about the presence of a patient in the hospital?
You can ask about the patient and his/her place of residence in the hospital from the public relations on the ground floor.
Where can I get information about the location of each ward?
You can refer to the information center  and ask about the location of each ward. public relations on the ground floor.


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