Sat, November 18, 2017
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» Floors Guidance
To find the rehabilitation place of each ward or floor, click on the ward or floors name that you want:
Accessory Non Medical Services: 
  • 24 hrs ambulances , would take patients to hospital or back to their homes or to the other therapeutic central and if it is demanded and necessary from home to Dena hospital.
  • 24 hrs taxi , this service is available in the hospital during 24 hrs in a day.
  • Buffet: it is in the first floor and in 7:30am till is patients and other people’s service. 
  •  Pray room : male and female pray rooms are located in the underground Floor . 
  • Self service : you can find it in the underground floor personnel’s and patients companions can also use this place. In Dens hospital, patients could order the desired diet (if no medical limitation) and this companions could refer to self service.
  • Telephone : free of charge telephones are available in the ground floor, card and coin telephone are located in the yard.
  • Hospital Library : it is located in the first floor it is for selling, Dena medical group publication and doctors, students, patients and companions could borrow books here.
  • Internet Cafe : available for doctors, students, patients or their companions, it is located in the first floor near the library. 
  • Hospital Conference Hall : for teaching, scientific, common specialized conference and medical groups gatherings, and it is located in the first floor.


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