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» For Patients » Referral,Reception,Dischage Procedure
 The procedure of referral and admission 


Entrance of the patient to the reception can be done in two ways: 

1. Via the Emergency ward
2. Via the office of a doctor

In the case of entrance via the Emergency Unit the patient, after the primary examination by the emergency medicine physician,  is reffered to the specialized doctor on duty and then to the reception for addmission.
The second case is for patients that have previous background and  addmision in the doctor’s, referring to the reception to be included in the operating room programme.
In both cases, patient are adddmitted at the reception(compiling the patient’s file) The doctor may or maynot specify on the admission slip for the patient to refer to the laboratory,radiology, to consult with the cardiologist, or all.After performing  the specified actions(if any),the patient has to refer back to the reception either to pay all or part of the assumed cost himself, or to obtain approval from an insurance company under contract with the hospital.Having  completed their files, patients get informed about their referral times to hospital By phone, one night before the operation, and refer to the appropriate ward at the specified time.

NOTE:all the  staff certificates and the steps taken are specified by the ministry of health and medical education and the operation sheet are standards of that ministry.

 The procedure of discharge 

Having  the file transferred to the release accounting devision,  the accountants type in the file number and the name of the patient into the computer.operating code in keyed in by the operating room.all the fees are decided upon by Iranian medical association and insurrance institutes under contract withh the hospital.The medicaments are, too, included in the calculation after having been approved by the pharmacy. After attainment and confirmation of all the information , a printed copy off the patient’s bill will be made.By balancing  his hospital account, the patient will be discharged.


Upon the request from  free patients, only one copy of the bill is given to them.As regards the insured patients, no copy will be given to them;a copy will be sent to their insurance company to obtaim  the hospital costs from the company.




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